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We offer florist stands and florist easels to mount flowers that are commonly used in weddings or funerals. Some call it the metal funeral wire stands. The mounted flower arrangements memorial spray get their foundation with our floral florist stands. The florist supplier will use the florist stands to make a metal funeral rack.

Florist Saddle

Florist mount flowers on a florist saddle. This is often called a florists wire saddle. During Memorial Day each year, flowers are mounted on headstone racks in memory of the past generation. A florist headstone saddle is very popular in southern states, especially in the spring. Another popular term for this wire frame is the Cemetery Saddle, with the name from the fact that flower and display saddle that is mounted on tombstones for long term display or that can be selectively removed without damage to the stone. It fits on top of the monument and keeps decoration flowers on display so a can be portrayed at the cemetery for the seasons of Decoration Sunday. Monument saddles are beautiful memorial silk arrangements made with seasonal flowers that we use on Memorial Day. The flowers are arranged in monument saddles that are easily secured to the headstone. These cemetery flowers do not interfere with ground maintenance and mowing, therefore are able to remain in place for long periods of time

Flower Saddles

Smaller 6" and 9" Flower Saddles.

Florist Headstone Saddle
Curved flower saddles for florist use and as well as to be mounted on cemetery tombstones. Sizes 12 and 18 inches.

Wholesale FloristSupplies

See us for your florist supply needs for flower wire stands, for florist wire products like funeral flower wire stands. See Menu on left for details.



12" Florist Saddle with Flowers
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